Samsung Ativ Tab with Windows RT review: first look

2012-Aug-31 | Tags: reviewsamsungtablet

Windows on ARMIt’s been a long wait to see Windows RT in action, but here it is – and unsurprisingly it’s rather a lot like Windows 8. Samsung introduced three Windows 8 tablets in Berlin, and while the Ativ Smart PC and Smart PC Pro are Intel-powered devices, the Samsung Ativ Tab is the long-awaited ARM-powered Windows RT baby of the three.

From the Start screen to the apps, Windows RT feels seriously snappy. Live Tiles glide past fluidly, and the apps spring into view with impressive immediacy. If Microsoft was hoping to rival the slick tablet experience of Apple's iOS or Google's Android, it seems to have pulled it off.

Windows RT is the cut-down version of the OS, but the essence of Windows 8 has made the transition from fully-fledged Windows 8 tablets almost entirely intact. The interface feels natural and intuitive, and responds instantly to the many thumb flicks and gestures.


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Windows on ARM - Windows RT