Intel: Atom ain't dead

2011-Jul-29 | Tags: SoCintel

Windows on ARMTechEye had the opportunity to head to Hill & Knowlton's offices in Soho Square to meet with Bill Leszinske, General Manager, and Intel's man leading up Atom. Knowing there are a heap of boozers nearby, of course we went along. The word from Intel is there are absolutely plans for Atom. Chipzilla will not put a bullet in its head.

First of all, the emphasis for SoCs was totally low power, high efficiency, and the potential for great graphics. Yes, we're talking in mobile and tablets too. Sound familiar?  Sounds a bit like ARM to us. But according to Leszinske: "No, this is not a reaction to ARM."

"It is our fundamental belief in where these market segments are going," he says. "You kind of have to plan your microarchitecture a couple years in advance, to come to a market more quickly and add more features." Hey, says Intel, competition with ARM ultimately results in better products for consumers.

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