Metro style app development for Windows RT PCs

2012-Aug-21 | Tags: appsdevelopmentlearnmetro

Windows on ARMThis paper addresses various aspects of developing Metro style apps for Windows RT. The bulk of Metro style app development practices are the same for both Windows 8 and Windows RT, but in a few scenarios Windows RT and the hardware particular to these PCs may require special consideration.

Scenarios covered by this documentation include general development practices for Metro style apps that run on Windows RT, remote debugging, installing the Windows App Certification Kit, installing app packages, and sensor API development.

Well-written Metro style app code that doesn't include implicit or explicit dependencies on platform architecture can be executed on Windows RT PCs. The existing documentation in the Windows Dev Center about how to design and develop Metro style apps for Windows 8 provides adequate guidance for most of the basic scenarios and questions you will have. However, the Windows Dev Center documentation doesn't include certain information that pertains specifically to Windows RT characteristics and scenarios. This document offers such Windows RT-specific information.

Also, this document includes links to high-level entry points into the existing Windows Dev Center documentation. These links are useful if you're just starting out with Metro style app development...

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT