Collaborating to deliver Windows RT PCs

2012-Aug-13 | Tags: asusdelllenovosamsungsurface-rt

Windows on ARMWindows 8 and Windows RT each reached the RTM milestone, and we are hard at work in collaboration with ecosystem partners, including PC manufacturers, Silicon partners, and other component suppliers, to complete high quality Windows RT and Windows 8 PCs that we think you'll love. We're very excited about the designs PC manufacturing partners have built on the foundation of Windows 8 and Windows RT.

The breadth of Windows 8 Intel- and AMD-based designs from our PC manufacturing partners will continue to push the envelope with powerful computing and innovative design. You can expect to see everything from ultra-thin sleek designs with stunning high-resolution displays, to beautifully designed All-In-One PCs with large immersive displays complete with touch, to high-power towers rocking multiple graphics cards and high-performance storage arrays. In addition, this broad range of PCs will provide price and feature combinations that allow every customer to find a PC that fits their needs and lifestyle perfectly.

Collaborating to deliver Windows RT PCs

We are particularly excited about the new low power x86 Windows 8 PCs that will take advantage of Intel's SoC platform innovations to provide an always on and always connected experience (known as connected standby). Just recently, Lenovo announced the ThinkPad Tablet 2, which offers an outstanding combination of new features built on the latest Intel ATOM® processor. We'll cover the benefits of this scenario later in the post.

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