Lenovo Preparing Windows RT Convertible Tablet

2012-Aug-10 | Tags: lenovotablet

Windows on ARMSome months ago, Lenovo has revealed the Yoga convertible notebook/tablet concept that has a revolving screen. Practically, the lid can be pushed back a full 360 degrees to make it cover the back of the notebook, thus leaving the screen and the keyboard on the outside.

The keyboard will probably become inactive and so the whole thing could be placed in the user's lap without worrying about accidentally pressing some keys on the keyboard.

The screen has multi touch support and thus the Yoga becomes a tablet.

The initial concept was powered by an Intel Core processor and the design will become a reality after Microsoft launches Windows , but now we've found out that Lenovo has partnered with Nvidia to use the latter's chips in a similar convertible notebook/tablet.

Therefore, we can safely say that Lenovo will be rally dedicated to the Yoga concept as not only is the company getting ready to launch the £1.199 ($1.870 / 1515 EUR) x86 convertible, but it's also working with Nvidia for a more affordable ARM-based alternative.

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