Dell Becomes Part of Windows RT Launch Plans, HP Doesn't Go Anywhere

2012-Aug-02 | Tags: dellhptablet

Windows on ARMMicrosoft has a very limited list of companies allowed to launch Windows RT-loaded tablets at the same time as its Surface, but that list has gone through some unexpected changes. Either that, or the maker of the Windows 8 operating system has always had the same list in mind but the web followed false leads.

At any rate, what we reported just over a week ago is turning out to have been false.

For those who don't remember, it was speculated that HP was backing out of the project, leaving room open for Dell to chip in.

Digitimes now says that both companies will launch Windows RT tablets at the end of October.

HP will use processors form Texas Instruments, while Dell will employ system-on-chip platforms from Qualcomm.

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