With a decent wind behind it, Intel can catch ARM

2011-Jul-28 | Tags: SoCdesktopintel

Windows on ARMIntel claims that missing the boat that sailed loaded with all-conquering mobile phones and tablets on board won't leave it scratching about with nothing to flog, as the connected world gives up on the desktop and goes handheld instead.

OK, the boat may already be afloat and being steered by captain ARM, but the chip giant has been left standing on the dock of the bay before, waving a tear-spattered hanky at apparently-departing rivals. And it has a closet stuffed with outboard motors and spare sails and reckons, given a decent enough following wind, it can soon catch up.

At least, that's what we took away from a lively briefing in London yesterday in the company of Bill Leszinske, general manager of Intel's Atom SoC technology development group, who is tasked with convincing sceptics that Intel's late start in the ARM race doesn't mean it's left dead in the water.

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