What Windows On ARM Really Means For Intel

2012-Jul-23 | Tags: analysisbusinessintel

Windows on ARMThe question on everyone's mind as Microsoft (MSFT) prepares its Windows 8 launch is whether chips based on ARM Holdings' (ARMH) designs gain significant traction in the Windows 8 PC market, and if this will represent a significant dent to Intel's (INTC) PC chip dominance.

I believe that the answer to this question is interesting. On one hand, I don't suspect that ARM based SoCs will gain a whole lot of traction in the traditional notebook, desktop, and workstation space. In these areas, a huge base of legacy software has been built up, most of which will not run on Windows 8 RT (the ARM version of Windows 8). Further, the need to support each particular SoC implementation from the various vendors limits customization. The PC/x86 ecosystem is very versatile and every combination of hardware possible works, giving OEMs a considerable degree of freedom in customizing solutions at various price points and capabilities. This advantage should not be understated.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT