ARM, Nvidia hit the road to talk up Windows RT

2012-Jul-17 | Tags: analysisnvidia

Windows on ARMPC makers need to focus on mobility, ARM's Jeff Chu says, suggesting that means it's time for Windows RT. "Everything we've gotten used to in mobile phones - the touch interface, all-day battery life, all these things - are flowing into computing as a whole," he said.

Chu, ARM's director of consumer client computing, and Nvidia's Mark Aevermann were on a road trip to show off Asus's Windows RT-based Tablet 600 and plug Microsoft's new OS, which brings Windows from Intel's x86 processors over to ARM designs.

"The thinnest, sleekest form factors are going to come out on Windows RT," Chu said.

Windows RT doesn't run legacy Windows apps; all-new apps will have to be written, although Chu said it will be a "one-button" process for developers to compile apps for Intel-powered Windows 8 PCs and Windows RT tablets.

Windows ARM Tablet

That's in part because Windows RT apps need to be written with touch screens and power management in mind, Aevermann said."RT is all about power aware apps. [Microsoft] Office is very cognisant of power management ... these [apps] are not only power-aware, they also take advantage of touch, sensors, and location-based services," Chu said.

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