Toshiba Windows RT tablet shown in new video

2012-Jun-16 | Tags: tablettexastoshiba

Windows on ARMLast week at Computex, Toshiba showed off some concept designs for a number of tablets designed for Microsoft's Windows 8. However, it's possible that one or more of these designs may not actually come to store shelves. This week, the AnandTech website posted up a new video showing a Toshiba tablet actually running on Windows RT (also known as Windows 8 ARM).

The tablet had a OMAP 4470 SoC processor from Texas Instrument inside. As you can see in the video above, that processor manages to run though the Windows RT apps pretty quickly. The tablet uses Windows RT on Direct3D 9_3 via the chip's PowerVR SGX544 graphics processor. However, it does does not yet use the 2D composition engine featured on TI's OMAP 4470 chip.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT