Windows 8 RT Not Heading to Intel’s SOC

2012-Jun-06 | Tags: SoCanalysisintelversus

Windows on ARMScrolling through my twitter feed it became clear quickly that there were questions about if we would Windows RT running on Intel architecture. There are two versions of Windows 8, the full edition with the option of the familiar desk top and Windows 8 RT which is basically just the Metro UI.

Windows 8 RT is exclusively for ARM based devices because the full version is just too heavy for the ARM SOCs. Since Intel is running the full Windows 8 on their desktops it only makes sense that they would offer it across all of their chips, that includes the upcoming Clover Trail which is apart of the low power Atom Series.

Clover Trail is an interesting SoC, as it uses the similar architecture as Medfield, but will feature two cores, instead of one and will most likely feature HyperThreading. Clover Trail is also designed specifically for tablets and since Windows already has good support for threaded CPUs so it should be able to handle Windows 8 when it launches no problem.

If you can get the full Windows 8 experience why would you want to get the cut down RT version? A few reasons a cut down version would run faster, maybe you don't need the desktop and you could get more performance out of your new Clover Trail tablet.

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