Computex 2012: Over 20 ARM-based Windows 8 RT tablets in the works

2012-Jun-06 | Tags: acertablet

Windows on ARMDuring Computex 2012, Intel stated that there were over twenty Intel CPU powered Windows 8 RT tablets in the works. This comes as good news, because apparently at Computex, very few ARM-based devices were shown. Most of the tablets shown were running x86 processors.

Based on what Intel is saying, expect to see over twenty ARM based Windows RT tablets in the near future. During Computex 2012, we got to see a glimpse at several Windows 8 tablets, but they were all powered by chips other than ARM. We recently saw a video of an ASUS Windows RT Tablet 600, a Tegra 3 powered Windows RT tablet, which not only gives us hope that this platform seems promising, but also re-iterates that unless companies like Asus and Acer start pushing for more ARM based tablets, the platform will go nowhere.

Take a look below at some of the non-ARM based tablets showcased at Computex 2012, which featured Windows 8 as the operating system:

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT