Windows 8 on x86 Devices, Not ARM Best Choice for Enterprises: IDC

2012-Jun-03 | Tags: compatibilityenterpriseversusx86

Windows on ARMAn IDC analyst says x86 architecture devices would be more compatible with existing Windows environments for businesses. With ARM, Windows 8 devices "might as well be an iPad," said Paul Gillen, IDC program vice president for system software research.

IDC If enterprises are going to embrace the coming Microsoft Windows 8 operating system, especially for use on tablet computers, they should strongly consider buying tablets built on the Intel x86 processor architecture rather than on the ARM architecture because x86 would be more compatible with their existing Windows environment, an enterprise software industry expert says.

Asked if a Windows 8 tablet would be more compatible with a Windows-based enterprise than a tablet running Apple iOS or Google Android, Al Gillen, program vice president for system software research at IDC, replied "yes and no."

"The answer is yes for Windows 8 on x86 chip architecture, but Windows 8 on ARM might as well be an iPad," said Gillen. "A Windows 8 ARM-based device will not support traditional x86 Windows applications—period, end of story."

Windows ARM Tablet

More details emerged about what Windows 8 will look and act like when Microsoft unveiled the Release Preview of the OS on May 31. Microsoft had previously released a report coinciding with the Consumer Preview release in March titled "Product Guide for Business" that highlighted all the features of Windows 8 that should be enticing to business customers.

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