Qualcomm Super ARM CPU Benchmark Revealed

2012-May-29 | Tags: benchmarkqualcommversus

Windows on ARMIt seems that ARM's Cortex A15 architecture is getting ready to deliver yet another blow to Intel's low-performing Atom. A new Qualcomm ARM CPU has apparently made some waves on the GLBenchmark database.

This new processor is probably going to be called SnapDragon S4 Pro and the company said it is targeted for Windows 8 Tablets.

We know that Windows 8 Tablets will most likely be more expensive than their ARM counterparts and that Microsoft is not really offering anything new with the Windows 8 ARM Edition, as it doesn't offer support for software written for other Windows platforms such as Windows XP, Vista or Win 7.

Seeing that pricing competitively is not really what Microsoft is looking for with the release of Windows 8 Tablet Edition, hardware manufacturers really want to impress their potential buyers.

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