Poll: Windows 8 or Windows RT device?

2012-May-13 | Tags: intelversusx86

Windows on ARMWhich upcoming Windows device seems more appealing? One running on Windows 8 or one on Windows RT? - Windows 8 and Windows RT and the new touch-centric Metro interface will be upon us before you know it. So, which has the most promise?

Windows 8 on Intel: These tablets and convertibles will run the full-blown Windows 8 operating system. Tablets from device vendors such as Hewlett-Packard, Dell, and Acer will use Intel's upcoming "Clover Trail" Atom processor. Some convertibles will also tap higher-performance Ivy Bridge processors. And, of course, chips from Advanced Micro Devices.

Upside The biggest upside (barring unforeseen glitches) is the breadth of compatibility with existing Windows applications and the ability to use Metro mode or revert to a more traditional Windows interface to run older applications.

Windows ARM Tablet

Also, Windows 8 Pro will be more corporate-enterprise friendly, including features like PC management, domain connectivity, and remote desktop.

Downside The downside is expected to be price: some of the corporate enterprise-targeted designs, for example, will likely be somewhat pricey, at least relative to Windows RT devices.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT