Windows RT Blocks Other Browsers, Mozilla Says

2012-May-11 | Tags: compatibilitydevelopmentlearnmetro

Windows on ARMAn attorney at Mozilla, which makes the Firefox Web browser, contended that Microsoft restricts browser choice on Windows RT (formerly known as "Windows 8 on ARM"), effectively moving the company into antitrust territory.

Harvey Anderson, vice president of business affairs and general counsel at Mozilla, claimed in a blog post on Wednesday that Windows RT will have technical restrictions that will degrade the performance of any browser that isn't Microsoft's own Internet Explorer. Those technical differences mean, in effect, that only IE will be able "to perform many of the advanced computing functions vital to modern browsers in terms of speed, stability and security to which users have grown accustomed."

Anderson specifically used the "antitrust" word, and he pointed to Microsoft's past commitments to the European Commission to allow browser choice in Windows in Europe, as well as the U.S. Department of Justice oversight (now expired) that ensured Microsoft provided open APIs and clear documentation to other developers leveraging Windows.

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