Windows 8 Vs. Windows RT

2012-Apr-23 | Tags: compatibilityversusx86

Windows on ARMMicrosoft Windows 8 is the highly anticipated latest addition to the Windows family. Expected to launch either late this year or early 2013, Windows 8 brings with it the most substantial user experience change since Windows 95.

The Start menu, perhaps the most well-known and universally recognizable feature of Windows, has been replaced with an entirely new interface designed with touch screens in mind, and expected to extend the desktop experience to tablet computers and even mobile phones.

Windows ARM Tablet

Not to be overlooked is another big change being introduced with the latest OS. Three primary versions of Windows 8 are expected, including: Windows 8, Windows 8 Pro, and Windows RT. Windows RT is designed to work with devices powered by the ARM architecture. Though it is a different release than the one expected for most desktops, it does carry over quite a few features from both the primary and professional versions of the OS.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT