Windows RT, formerly WOA, to have Office apps included

2012-Apr-17 | Tags: analysisappsoffice

Windows on ARMComputerworld - Windows 8 on ARM, now dubbed Windows RT by Microsoft, will include Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote applications, according to a chart included in a blog by Microsoft posted yesterday.

Inclusion of those Office applications with Windows RT is the latest indication that those applications will be free and included in the software price of a Windows RT tablet, said analyst Al Hilwa of IDC. Hilwa had said as much in February when Windows RT was first announced, even though many doubted that was the case and questioned whether the suite would be truly free or fully functional.

"Well, I stand by my position," Hilwa said in an email Tuesday. "It is clear as daylight [that the Office suite is included in Windows RT]."

Many analysts and corporate IT managers have argued in recent weeks that Microsoft wouldn't give away the valuable Office suite used on desktops -- and worth $100 to $200 or more -- with new tablets running ARM.

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