How fast can Windows 8 run on ARM? - In Depth: Windows performance on ARM depends on multitasking

2011-Jul-13 | Tags: SoCbenchmarknvidiaqualcommtablet

Windows on ARM

Among the many Windows 8 topics that Microsoft hasn't discussed is what ARM performance is going to be like. After all, while Windows ARM tablets will have dual core or quad core cpus running at a 1.8 or 2.5GHz speed – faster than most netbook Atom processors and the Celerons in cheap ultraportables, or even ultra-low power Core i5s - what does that mean for an operating system as complex as Windows?

One of the key features will be the GPU. That's what IE10 relies on to get fast performance using hardware accelerationand IE10 is the engine powering the Windows 8 touch interface and the new breed of Web apps.

ARM has been suggesting recently that its Mali GPU will be as fast as Xbox graphics within 18 months but there are other options already; both Texas Instruments and Qualcomm have announced ARM SoC packages for Windows 8 with powerful GPUs in, and Nvidia's quad core Kal-El Tegra (coming in Android tablets this year) will have 12 GPU cores in.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT