Qualcomm hints at Snapdragon-based laptops

2012-Apr-03 | Tags: laptopqualcommrumor

Windows on ARMWhile Intel's Ultrabook spec gains weight, the competition is slimming down with mobile giant Qualcomm announcing plans to produce chips for ultra-slim Windows 8 laptops.

Qualcomm's a major player in the low-power high-performance chip market: it's ARM-derivative designs can be found in numerous smartphones and tablets, where the company's focus on highly integrated system-on-chip designs pay dividends for its customers.

It's relatively unknown in the world of laptop computing, however - and that's something the company is looking to change. As a result, its next-generation Snapdragon processors are going to be powering a new wave of ultra-portable laptops in the very near future.

Qualcomm's Rob Chandok has gone on record with PC World as stating that devices based around his company's Snapdragon S4 processor will be 'much lighter than what Intel calls an Ultrabook.'

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