Intel, AMD, and ARM are About to Go to War

2011-Jul-11 | Tags: amdappleasusintelnvidiasamsungtablet

Windows on ARM

The entire mobile computing  market is about to experience a substantial change, from the predominant use of the ARM processor to that of Intel and AMD – potentially. Currently, the tablet market is dominated by ARM chips produced by Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and Nvidia. And, until now, unlike laptops, tablets haven’t sported Intel or AMD silicon.

Currently, as things stand, ARM’s chip designs are in virtually every tablet from Apple’s iPad, which uses Apple’s A5 chip, to Android tablets too, from the likes of Motorola, Samsung, Asus and others, that use chips mostly from Nvidia with ARM’s processors inside. But now, it’s clear that the two major players in the desktop market, AMD and Intel, are interested in the overgrowing tablet niche as Intel’s plans for tablets and smartphones are crystallizing into a clear roadmap, as the chip giant has already begun marshalling its considerable chip design and manufacturing forces to address markets where it is not competitive, yet.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT