The long kiss goodbye for x86 desktop Windows

2012-Feb-13 | Tags: analysisdesktopgoogleopinionversusx86

Windows on ARMSummary: The transition from traditional Windows desktops to the Post-PC world, the ARM architecture and the Metro user interface is inevitable. But it won't a be quick one. - My two ZDNet colleagues, David Gewirtz and Steven J. Vaughn-Nichols have gotten themselves into a bit of a lover’s quarrel. SJVN says that Windows 8 will be dead on arrival, and yet Gewirtz says that Windows 8 will matter for real work, as will Windows 9.

Seriously guys, get a room.

Both of these men have some interesting viewpoints to offer. Neither of them are correct, though — the real answer lies somewhere in between.

Back in September, shortly after the completion of Microsoft’s BUILD conference, I did some preliminary analysis of the huge pile of information that Redmond dumped on us that week. The conclusion that I came to was that Microsoft had handed down the death sentence for the Personal Computer as we know it today.

The crux of my argument at the time was that the new WinRT API’s clearly represent the next phase in Windows’ evolution and that there was no room on the ARM platform for porting legacy Win32 applications.

While Microsoft did not definitively say that at the time, I had inferred this simply because I knew what a difficult task it would be to move all of that legacy code over to the new ARM architecture.

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