Windows 8 to Push ARM onto 40% of Netbooks in 2015, Says ARM’s CEO

2011-Jul-10 | Tags: businesslaptop

Windows on ARM

Windows 8 is going to prove nothing but bliss for ARM update, believes ARM Chief Executive Officer Tudor Brown. According to Brown, in excess of 40% of netbooks are expected to be powered by ARM architectures in 2015, a milestone that will only be reached with the help of Windows 8, ARM’s CEO revealed for DigiTimes.

Microsoft first confirmed ARM support in Windows 8 at CES 2011, when the software giant made it clear that the forthcoming version of Windows would play nice with System on a Chip architectures.

The company’s move comes from the need to have Windows 8 run seamlessly on a variety of next generation form factors, beyond traditional PCs, laptops, and netbooks.

The focus on Tablet PCs / slates has never been clearer as at the recent D9 and Computex events where Microsoft demoed Windows 8 running on tablets, and a range of innovations tailored specifically to such devices.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT