Windows 8: Watch Microsoft’s full ARM tablet demo [video]

2011-Jul-10 | Tags: nvidiaqualcommtablettexasvideox86

Windows on ARMMicrosoft introduced a number of tablet concepts during a partner preview event earlier this week. - The software giant held a technical demonstration at Computex on Thursday to demonstrate Windows 8 to hardware partners. Mike Angiulo, corporate vice president of Windows Planning, Hardware and PC Ecosystem at Microsoft, demonstrated Windows 8 on a variety of tablets.

Angiulo showed how Windows 8 works across x86 and ARM-based chips. Microsoft previously introduced a technology preview of its Windows ARM support by showing off an early build of Windows 8 at CES 2011. Microsoft is partnering with ARM-based manufactures NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Texas Instruments to produce new Tablet devices.

Angiulo shows off a number of Windows 8 ARM tablet concepts (see video below) and a more in depth demonstration of the new Windows 8 user interface. Microsoft also shows how the start button now activates the new start menu user interface on Windows 8.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT