CUPP Computing Aims to Bring Android to any Windows Machine with the PunkThis Board

2012-Feb-01 | Tags: androiddesktopdevelopmentlinux

Windows on ARMThere's really no shortage of cool products on the market, most of which sadly never see the light of day, but things definitely get more interesting when it comes to Android and more battery life on laptops or tablets. You wouldn't expect a product that would do that, but CUPP Computing can prove you wrong with their PunkThis board, which is a very interesting solution to say the least.

I don't know how they came up with the weird name - maybe it's just a trendy new name, or maybe they believe their product is for pranking your neighbors and coworkers, but the board is more useful than that for sure. This 2.5 inch PCB contains a full-fledged minicomputer with a 1 GHz ARM processor, 512 MB of RAM, two micro SD card slots, a Wifi radio and an mSata slot - an interesting set, to say the least.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT