Quanta Manufacturing ARM Tablets for Toshiba, Lenovo

2012-Jan-20 | Tags: lenovotablettoshiba

Windows on ARMDigiTimes reports that Toshiba and Lenovo have selected contractor Quanta Computer as their manufacturer of choice for Windows on ARM (WoA) tablets. Based on insider information provided by unnamed industry sources, both companies are expected to launch their ARM-based Windows 8 tablets using quad-core SoCs from Nvidia and Qualcomm in the first quarter of 2013 -- a whole year from now.

As for non-ARM versions, the sources also add that Lenovo is actively developing Windows 8 units based on Intel's Medfield and Clover Trail-W platforms for the second half of 2012, one of which is the already-announced IdeaPad Yoga that packs an awesome 360-degree flip/fold design, allowing for four different positions -- the device even won our Best of CES Award. Sources claim similar hybrids will likely emerge within the year.

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