Windows 8 tablet drawbacks mount: ARM locked-down, x86 overpriced

2012-Jan-16 | Tags: analysisbusinesstabletversusx86

Windows on ARMWindows 8 is shaping up to be the best OS Microsoft has had in years, but limitations around ARM-based tablets and concerns over x86-based model pricing could sour the platform’s launch later this year.

Microsoft has mandated that ARM Windows 8 machines – expected to be the bulk of low-cost Windows 8 tablets – must have their Secure Boot system locked down, ComputerWorld reports, or in order words users must not be allowed to load non-Windows platforms onto ARM hardware.

According to a document titled Windows Hardware Certification Requirements, which Microsoft released last month, the company confirms that it is up to manufacturers as to whether Secure Boot is locked down or not. For x86-powered PCs, notebooks and tablets, OEMs are free to decide which way to leave the settings; however there is no choice for ARM-powered models:

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