CES 2012: Where Are the Quad-Core Android and Windows 8 ARM Tablets?

2012-Jan-14 | Tags: analysisandroidnvidiatablettexas

Windows on ARMComing into CES 2012, expectations were high for quad-core Android tablets and ARM-based Windows 8 slates. While some, notably ASUS, which has the quad-core Transformer Prime on the market and announced a higher-end model, didn't disappoint, most manufacturers held off on unveiling any quad-core tablets, and the Windows 8 on ARM tablet PCs on the show floor were hidden safely behind glass.

Undeterred by OEM reluctance to showcase these future devices, the team TabletPCReview scoured the CES show floor for any info on the elusive tablets.

Where Are the ARM Tablets?
We found only two Windows 8 ARM tablets on the show floor, one with ARM-chip maker Texas Instruments, and the other with NVIDIA, makers of the Tegra 3 quad-core chip.

Microsoft has its hardware and component partners tight lipped regarding Windows 8 ARM details, so we officially learned very little news that had not been already confirmed. But looking at the hardware and chatting with the reps all but confirmed some interesting details.

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