TI demos Windows 8 Explorer for ARM on newest 4470 chip

2012-Jan-13 | Tags: texas

Windows on ARMThat's not saying a lot, though, as demos of Microsoft's next operating system on ARM processors have been extremely restrictive, if nonexistent to date in public (Nvidia's untouchable, relatively static CES demo is behind closed glass). But TI pushed the boundaries a bit in a demo for CNET at CES.

The demo tapped TI's freshly minted OMAP4470 ARM processor, according to Bill Crean, an OMAP product marketing manager.

Needless to say, I was not permitted to take video. But TI's Crean demonstrated live scrolling on Windows 8 Explorer on the CNN news site. Scrolling was fluid and I didn't see the jerkiness that I do get, by the way, with my Verizon-Motorola XyBoard tablet on Android 3.2.

Again, that's not revealing a lot, but Windows 8 on ARM is a very touchy subject. For the first time, Microsoft is porting Windows to a mainstream ARM platform and there have been reports that it may be late.

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