How does Windows Phone fit into a Windows 8 ARM world?

2011-Jul-10 | Tags: androidintelphonetablet

Windows on ARM

Unless you’ve been living under a rock then you’ll know that Microsoft has finally revealed a few details on its Windows 8 plans. - The software giant demonstrated its new Windows 8 user interface on Wednesday, targeted towards touch screen devices. The interface takes several elements from Windows Phone and introduces live tile applications inside of a full desktop/mobile version of Windows. Where does this leave Windows Phone Mango and beyond?

Microsoft has been careful not to mention phones running Windows 8 despite Intel claiming they will build Windows 8 powered phones. All references to Windows 8′s user interface specifically referenced PCs. Microsoft showcased several ARM tablets running Windows 8 but made sure they were traditional sized tablets and not smaller 7″ or smaller variants. The company now has a full version of Windows running on an ARM chip, one that is traditionally found in smartphone devices. The switch to ARM will be a tricky process for Microsoft as it battles convincing tablet makers to favour its Windows 8 operating system over that of rival Google Android. The second tricky part will be integrating its Windows Phone operating system straight into Windows.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT