Windows 8 ARM version could ship late, says ARM head

2012-Jan-12 | Tags: analysisnvidiaqualcommtexas

Windows on ARMWindows 8 will have a version that runs on x86 processors such as those made by Intel and AMD. Microsoft's next PC operating system will also have a version that will run on processors based on designs created by UK-based ARM. Companies like Qualcomm, Texas Instruments and NVIDIA have all pledged to make ARM-based chips that will run Windows 8.

There have been some questions about how well Windows 8 will run on ARM-based processors. However, the head of ARM, CEO Warren East, seemed to say in a new interview that he would rather Windows 8 for ARM be released late so Microsoft can make sure it works well.

The interview for Reuters, conducted during the CES 2012 show this week, has East saying, "We've waited a long time for this to happen. Another six months, another 12 months doesn't matter. I'd much rather wait however long it takes to get a quality experience than compromise."

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