Samsung Galaxy Book S review: This is what Windows on ARM can do

2020-Apr-19 | Tags: laptopqualcommreviewsamsungwin10

Windows on ARMBack in August, Samsung introduced the Galaxy Book S as the very first PC to use Qualcomm's new Snapdragon 8cx chipset. The SoC is the first ARM processor to be made for PCs from the ground up, promising performance on par with an Intel Core i5. Previous platforms were repurposed smartphone chips.

But that's not what's particularly interesting about the Galaxy Book S. After all, Microsoft's Surface Pro X had an overclocked Snapdragon 8cx, and since Samsung's Windows on ARM PC was delayed, Microsoft ended up being first to market with a Snapdragon 8cx, even if it was calling the SoC a Microsoft SQ1.

What's more interesting to me is that the Galaxy Book S is a clamshell. It's the first Windows on ARM PC that's not a convertible or a tablet, and while I thought that that would turn me off, it ended up fascinating me. It's wildly thin and light with its fanless design, but it doesn't make the same compromises as an Intel Y-series PC. It also packs 4G LTE connectivity, much better battery life than an Intel PC in a similar form factor, and instant-on capabilities.

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