Qualcomm’s 48-Core ARMv8 Processor Runs Windows Server

2020-Feb-13 | Tags: qualcommserver

Windows on ARMQualcomm is well-known for its 64-bit ARM-based solutions in the smartphone market, but its new 48-core Centriq 2400 processor targets the server space. The fully ARMv8-compliant processor is based around Qualcomm’s Falkor CPU. The chip uses 10-nm technology and incorporates the latest EL3 TrustZone and EL2 hypervisor support from ARM.

Each CPU core is paired with another core and a shared L2 cache into a duplex building block that’s linked to other blocks using a bidirectional segmented ring bus (Fig. 1). The system has an aggregate bandwidth of 250 Gb/s. The ring provides a fully coherent memory system as well as IO coherency support.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT