Microsoft's Windows Tablets Of Next Year...Or Never

2011-Nov-30 | Tags: analysishptablet

Windows on ARMYesterday it emerged that Microsoft's Windows 8 tablets, running on ARM chips (less power consuming than Intel's offerings), are finally due in mid-2013. It's exciting news for Windows fans, and probably something that enterprise IT professionals will make a mental note to be pre-prepared for. But it might all be in vain. Microsoft's Windows 8 tablets may already be too late, out-innovated by faster-moving rivals.

Forrester research says it's "bullish on Windows 8 as a product for consumers," but despite its enthusiasm for the product it's just put out a damning piece of research that suggests Microsoft's entire strategy for Windows on the "post-PC" tablet paradigm may be flawed for one main reason: It's way too "late to the party." In fact, Forrester calls it the "fifth-mover" in the market--Apple in the lead, Android tablets, HP's webOS effort, and BlackBerry's tablet. Though HP's and RIM's products have been cancelled and done badly, respectively, they still followed closer on the iPad's tail than Microsoft has managed.

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