Intel exec shares more on Microsoft's Windows 8 plans

2011-Jul-10 | Tags: intelx86

Windows on ARMThere was nothing too terribly revealing in Intel Senior Vice President of Software and Services Renee James’ comments about Windows 8 during Intel’s shareholders meeting this week. But even the fact that James called Microsoft’s next-generation operating system by its codename will, no doubt, be ill-received by the powers-that-be in Microsoft’s Windows division.

According to reports, James told attendees of the May 18 meeting that there will be multiple versions of Windows 8 — something that’s in line with Microsoft’s current multi-SKU Windows strategy (and something that seems likely to continue, based on early Windows 8 leaks, as reported by earlier this year).

James also told shareholder meeting participants, as The Register reported, that there will be two classes of Windows 8 PCs: Ones running x86/x64 chips that will be able to run legacy applications, and ones running ARM processors that will not. The x86/x64 version will include a Windows 7 mode, she said, that will enable this legacy-app support.

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT