Windows 10 on ARM is NOT Windows RT all over again

2017-Jun-02 | Tags: compatibilityemulatorlearnsurface-rtversuswin10

Windows on ARMMicrosoft and Qualcomm are moving forward with their Windows 10 on ARM initiative, which is expected to debut publicly in late in 2017 with new devices from HP, ASUS, and Lenovo. Taking Windows 10 from the Intel processors to the ones found in high-end smartphones is one of the biggest, most substantial jumps in modern computing history, because it opens the floodgates to new always-connected consumer experiences.

One area of confusion that I want to put to rest is that somehow Windows 10 on ARM will be crippled, à la Windows RT, which was riddled with unfortunate complications. That is not the case.

Part of the problem Microsoft is facing — at least amongst enthusiasts — is the misunderstanding around the varieties of Windows in 2017. At least for consumers there are a lot of configurations (or stock-keeping units [SKUs]), including:

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Windows on ARM - Windows RT