Apple could adopt ARM for laptops, but why would it?

2011-Jul-10 | Tags: appleintellaptopnvidiarumor

Windows on ARMThe Apple/ARM rumor du jour is that Apple will transition its entire portable Mac line to ARM-based CPUs, dropping Intel altogether. Sources speaking to Semi Accurate claim this is a "done deal," and the move should happen by 2013, when a 64-bit ARM A15 core becomes available. While a future generation of Apple's A5 processor could make some sense for something akin to the MacBook Air, the claim that Apple will ditch Intel wholesale for ARM just doesn't add up.

Semi Accurate's sources say Apple is already working on this transition. From an OS point of view, it wouldn't be that difficult—iOS and Mac OS X are both based on more or less the same code base, and iOS already runs on ARM.

"So short story, x86 is history on Apple laptops, or will be in 2-3 years," claimed Semi Accurate, based on its sources' information. "In any case, it is a done deal, Intel is out, and Apple chips are in."

Semi Accurate boosts this by saying its "moles" were right about Apple moving away from NVIDIA GPUs, keeping some laptops on Core2 Duo processors, and that Apple would be the first to adopt Thunderbolt (aka Light Peak). While that might be a good track record, those predictions were pretty safe, obvious bets...

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