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  • Hands on with the Snapdragon 835-powered HP Envy x2

    Windows on ARMAt its Snapdragon Technology Summit in Hawaii today, Qualcomm brought its partners onstage to announce the first Snapdragon 835-powered Windows 10 PCs. Alongside the ASUS NovaGo, HP unveiled the Envy x2. I got to spend some time with the latter, and it's an interesting device.

  • Deploying Windows RT 8.1 - A Guide for Education

    Windows on ARMThis guide prescribes processes and provides a sample script framework that is specific to Windows RT device deployment in schools. It is based on observations from and work done at several schools deploying Surface devices.

  • Surface works with official Ethernet adapter thanks to Windows RT 8.1 [Update .... or not?]

    Windows on ARMIf you bought an original Surface tablet when it was first released in October 2012, you might have noticed that it did not have an Ethernet port. The tablet also didn't support any USB-based Ethernet adapters. There have been rumors that Microsoft was working on adding Ethernet drivers to Windows RT for the 8.1 release, but Microsoft never officially commented on those plans.

  • Tracing network activity on Windows RT

    Windows on ARMNetwork Monitoring software such as Microsoft Network Monitor, WireShark etc are well known troubleshooting tools to collect and analyze what is being sent/ received over the Network. Fiddler is yet another useful utility to monitor HTTP requests and response. These tools work very well on the traditional Windows operating system with the x86 or x64 architecture.

  • AdDuplex data may show proof of Microsoft Surface RT 2 tablet

    Windows on ARMAdDuplex, which runs an ad network for Windows and Windows Phone apps, has posted regular updates on the Windows Phone ecosystem for the past several months, based on data they have retrieved from their ad network. However, the last time they offered a similar update on Windows 8/RT devices was in April.

  • Surface RT battery drain issue with Windows RT 8.1 caused by Bluetooth being disabled

    Windows on ARMFor those of you who are running Windows RT 8.1 Preview on your Surface RT, you might have experienced an issue where your battery would drain out quickly. This is a known issue and Microsoft has offered a temporary workaround until the final version of Windows RT 8.1 is released.

  • Using picture passwords in Windows RT

    Windows on ARMTyping in a password of decent strength can be irritating when using Windows RT. Fortunately, Microsoft has included an alternative: Picture passwords.

  • Surface RT Users: No Ethernet For You!

    Windows on ARMTipped off to an official Surface Ethernet adapter I wasn’t previously aware of, I figured that Microsoft had finally gotten it right because, after all, no existing Ethernet adapters work on Surface RT. But it turns out the joke is on me, and on all Surface RT users: Even Microsoft’s official Surface Ethernet adapter does not work with Surface RT.

  • Windows RT 8.1 preview: all the additions you'd expect, but no desktop removal

    Windows on ARMWindows RT was largely unmentioned during Microsoft's Build opening keynote on Wednesday, but the company is also releasing a preview version of Windows RT 8.1 this week. Designed to update ARM-based tablets to the same features that Windows 8.1 provides, there's little difference between the two. I got the chance to run Windows RT 8.1 on a Surface RT and see exactly what Microsoft has improved.

  • How to Easily Add Websites to the Flash Whitelist on Windows RT

    Windows on ARMMicrosoft's Surface RT and other Windows RT-based machines include the Flash browser plugin, but it only runs on websites Microsoft has whitelisted. We have covered how you can add any website to the Flash whitelist, but now there's an easier way.

  • Microsoft, The Web Is No Longer Good Enough; Windows RT Needs Apps And Fast

    Windows on ARMI loathe using some websites. Twitter and Facebook are horrific on the web when compared to their iOS/Android apps. I simply refuse to use Zillow's website; I'll wait until my kids are done with the iPad to look for our new place. The same is true for Tumblr and other sites. The mobile first strategy is in full force and Microsoft needs to hop on board.

  • Email for Windows RT: Help is on the way

    Windows on ARMSummary: If you're disappointed by Microsoft's Windows 8 Mail app, help could soon be on the way in the shape of a Windows Store version of TouchDown, the popular mobile mail app.

  • Windows RT Whitelist Tool Provides Quick, Easy Way to Enable Flash for Certain Sites

    Windows on ARMFor those who don't know, Internet Explorer 10 has what is called a Whitelist. The Whitelist determines which websites Internet Explorer allows Flash for. For instance, if you went to a Flash heavy site and it wasn't on the Whitelist, none of the Flash content would load.

  • Comprehensive Guide to Microsoft Surface (and Windows RT) with 50+ Tips and Tricks

    Windows on ARMDevelopment and tweaks for the Microsoft Surface have been been catching steam lately. There are a group of developers porting regular Windows applications to Windows RT. There are also a couple of ways to alter touch screen settings. However, Windows RT is still a brand new operating system, and people using it for the first time may have some trouble getting around. It is with that in mind that a comprehensive guide was released that contains more than 50 tips and tricks.

  • Microsoft Surface with Windows RT three months on

    Windows on ARMThe Microsoft Surface with Windows RT has been on sale for around three months. Although it landed with considerable fanfare, recent estimates suggest that Microsoft may have only sold around 1 million since the device went on sale.

  • Use Windows RT Flash Player Tool to add more websites to IE10's whitelist

    Windows on ARMEven though the perennial platform has passed its peak and is slowly replaced by more modern standards, Microsoft actively supports Flash in Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 8/RT. The browser can display Flash content, albeit on a limited number of websites. For those people who wish to enable it in non-supported locations, the Windows RT Flash Player Tool comes to the rescue without having to manually edit the whitelist.

  • Here’s a Quick Hack to Speed Up Your Windows RT Tablet

    Windows on ARMWindows RT tablets are becoming a lot more popular these days, especially since a group of software developers managed to jailbreak the operating system, but here's another hack that could help you make the most of your device.

  • Download a Start Button for Windows RT Tablets

    Windows on ARMThe lack of a Start button in Windows 8 is considered one of the main reasons why people choose to stay away from the new operating system, but several third-party solutions are now available in this regard.

  • Windows RT: Bug not a bug?

    Windows on ARMComputerworld - Microsoft and a respected researcher disagreed this week about whether a bug in Windows RT is actually a security vulnerability that should be patched.

  • Windows RT flash player tool lets you easily white-list websites

    Windows on ARMIf you use a Microsoft Surface or any other Windows RT product, there is a little known feature, if you want to call it that, which allows authorized web pages to display Flash content in the Metro modern browser.

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