Nokia Tablet Plans Raises Questions on Windows 8 Launch Date

2011-Nov-16 | Tags: analysisbusinessnokiatablet

Windows on ARMThe Head of Nokia France was quoted in a French newspaper yesterday saying that Nokia is planning to launch a Windows 8 tablet in June 2012. Since the x86 version of Windows 8 is supposed to be launched in mid-2012 (around the same time as the Nokia tablet), it raises a couple of questions:

1. If the Nokia tablet will sport an ARM processor (which is very likely), does it mean that the ARM version of Windows 8 will also see a mid-2012 launch? Why this doesn't seem likely is that the Developer Preview of the ARM version of Windows 8 has not yet seen the light of day while the x86 version has already been out for over two months. This brings me to the next question.

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